Festival 2000

Festival 2000 Update The Spirit of Community was well showcased June 23- 25 at the 16th Annual Multicultural Festival. The Dartmouth Waterfront was a living cultural mosaic. Host to an estimated 50,000 people, every aspect of The Festival was successful.

A favourite every year, the Food Exhibits were well-received. At one point or another every booth was lined with patrons wanting to sample the cultural delicacy provided there. The Filipino shish kebabs were a real treat in the barbeque area. Equally popular were the desserts at the Gingerbread Haus and Polish Association in the Food Tent. Among the other twenty food exhibitors was The Best Lemonade Company; there, people returned for seconds and thirds after getting their first taste of the freshly squeezed, delicious refreshment. Certainly all the exhibitors offered wonderful foodstuffs and will continue to be a top drawing card in years to come.

Likewise, the Exhibit Tent beautifully showcased more than twenty-five cultural displays. The Korean Association was a favourite appreciated for its rich yet subtly graceful atmosphere. The Filipino Association was similarly admired. Another favourite was the Japanese booth where Origami and yo-yo water balloons were staples. Also receiving many passers-by were the various culturally-oriented genealogy booths. Collectively, the crafts and cultural manifesto were a delight to the thousands of people who experienced them.

The new Outdoor Performance Stage paraded dozens of artists for the tens of thousands of onlookers. From child dancers to fashion shows, it was a grand exhibition. Particularly commanding was the performance by internationally renowned drummers Kiyoshi Nagata Taiko Ensemble. Such energetic and powerful artistry was a treasure to experience. For the youth on site, Cosmic Adventures provided interactive fun and the Children’s Booth welcomed all those eager to hear storytelling and participate in the crafts. The on-site championship skipping teams were also popular.

Although the sun was unyielding, The Western Union booth happily supplied water bottles to quench the thirst and bandanas to shield from the sun the many patrons. They also supplied in excess prizes, whistles, t-shirts, and footballs. Their generosity made them a Festival favourite.

Among other prizes was The Award of Excellence given every year to the Cultural Association or Group who best showcases its food and exhibits. This year the recipient was the Korean Association. The Filipino Association was a close second and both the Palestinian Association and the Polish Association received an honourable mention. The Dream Destination Raffle was drawn as well. 1st place was awarded to ticket holder 02316; 2nd place went to ticket 05522; third prize was allotted to ticket holder 03116.

En masse, the 16th Annual Multicultural Festival was a grand cultural mosaic. We look forward to its return in 2001 when it is destined to be an even more elaborate showcase.