Support & Donate

Despite the countless volunteer hours and donated services, the Nova Scotia Multicultural Festival can only continue to be a hallmark event with generous contributions from the corporate world. Festival ticket revenues cover only a small portion of the Festival’s overall operating costs. Sponsorships are critical to underwrite the diverse programming, performances, and activities at the Festival.

Through unique programming, the Festival has and continues to develop sponsorships that enhance the event while providing profitable results for the sponsors. These important partnerships created with the business community are vital to the Nova Scotia Multicultural Festival’s success and we thank our generous sponsors who provide their creative skills and financial support.

Why Support the Festival?
IT FEELS GOOD: Our family friendly event has been widely recognized for its high standards of programming, positive messaging and creativity for the past 31 years. Experiencing the performing arts and delectable food at the Festival empowers, inspires, astonishes, and educates about Nova Scotia’s rich cultural diversity. Demonstrate to your clients and employees that you are committed to making Nova Scotia a vibrant, dynamic place to live, work and raise a family.

IT DOES GOOD: It has never been more important to use our cultural differences to bring people together. Also, support of the Festival fuels economic growth. Halifax is one of Canada’s fastest growing marketplaces, known for innovation and community stability. As a corporate partner, you help us make Nova Scotia a welcoming place for people from different origins and cultures. Ticket prices alone do not pay the expenses, advertisers, donors and corporate sponsors are vital to the Festival’s continuing success.

THE TIME IS RIGHT: Ticket prices alone don’t pay the bills— sponsors and donors are vital to us. As a corporate partner, help us make Nova Scotia a welcoming place for peoples from different origins and cultures.